It can be difficult to give an exact price on what a design registration is going to cost. The costs will consist of fees to the design offices and any payment for professional representation.

In general, it can be said that the major factors determining what a design registration is going to cost are:

The geographical coverage of the application

The cost of a design application will depend on how many countries you want the registration to be valid in.

Scope of the application

As a starting point, the application fee for a Danish design application costs DKK. 1,200, but it may cost more depending on how many representations the application contains. The application fee includes a representation.

Costs for professional representative.

The costs consist of payment for a professional representative, e.g. a preliminary search, preparation of the design application.

Renewal fees

A Danish design registration is valid for five years and can then be renewed for periods of five years, up to a total of 25 years. Therefore, in order to maintain the registration, you must renew your design every five years from the date of registration by paying a fee to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, OHIM, WIPO or other relevant authority.

Costs for drawings/photographs

The representation or the model defines the object for which protection is being sought, and therefore it is important that a representation accompanies the application. If you are not able to prepare representations (e.g. a drawing or photograph) in sufficiently good quality, it may be necessary to pay a professional to make them.