How to use Patent Cost Benefit Guide

The Patent Cost Benefit Guide is built around a series of questions, which are used to give you an overview of the application process and costs when you set out to patent an idea.

In the guide you will need to consider the following:

  • Do you want to start with a national application?
  • In which countries do you want to patent?
  • Has Denmark entered into PPH agreements with some of the countries, and do you want to take advantage of these agreements?

Based on your answers, you will be guided to the application route(s) that may be suitable for you.

The application route(s) will be visible through a timeline. Here you can see which costs are associated with obtaining a patent and when these fall due in the application process. You will also get an overview of the options available in the chosen application route.

Read more about your chosen application route by clicking on the application route heading, . You can also click on the boxes in the application routes and read more about the different stages of the application process.

Based on your choices, the Patent Cost Benefit Guide will give you an estimate of the costs you can expect in obtaining patents in the chosen countries.