What costs are involved in a trademark application?
It can be difficult to give an exact price on what a trademark registration is going to cost. The cost will consist of fees to the trademark offices and any payment for professional representation.

In general, it can be said that the major factors determining what a trademark registration is going to cost are:

The geographical coverage of the application
The price for an international application will depend on the number of countries chosen and which countries you have chosen.

Scope of the application
As a starting point, the application fee for a Danish trademark application costs DKK. 2,350, but it can cost more depending on how many and which goods or services the registration is to include, i.e. how many classes the application must contain.

Costs for professional representation
The cost consists of payment for professional representation, e.g. a preliminary search, preparation of the list of goods as well as the the trademark application.

Renewal fees
A Danish trademark registration is valid for ten years and may then be renewed every ten years. Therefore, you must renew your trademark every 10 years from the date of registration by paying a fee to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, OHIM, WIPO or other relevant authority. Alternatively, the registration will be lost and can in principle be registered by a third party.