How to use Trademark Cost Benefit Guide

The Trademark Cost Benefit Guide is built around a series of questions, which are used to give you an overview of the application process and costs when you are going to register your trademark.

In the guide you will need to consider the following:

  • Do I want to start with a national application?
  • Do I want my trademark registered in the EU?
  • Do I want my trademark registered in countries outside the EU?

Based on your answers, you will be guided to the application route(s), which may be suitable for you. If you are in doubt about your trademark strategy, it is a good idea to contact a professional consultant before you start applying for a trademark registration.

The application route, which at first is most suitable for you, will be made visible via a timeline in the calculator. On this timeline, you can see which costs are associated with obtaining a trademark registration, and when these are due in the application process.

By clicking on the heading of the application route, you can read more about the chosen application route. You can also click on the individual boxes in the application route and read more about the different steps in the application process.

Based on your selections, the Trademark Cost Benefit Guide will give you an estimate of the costs you can expect for obtaining a trademark registration.

It should be emphasized that the costs are based on a simple trademark application with 3 classes and are therefore only an estimate. The estimated total cost must in no way be equated with a precise calculation. Therefore, you ought to seek advice from a professional consultant in order to get a more accurate idea of what it will actually cost you to register your trademark.